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Project TitlePrinted Paper- Based Memory Device
Track Code2014-083
Short Description

Novel method to produce renewable, flexible, foldable, low cost, and disposable memory devices


Due to developments in modern microelectronics, a variety of electronic devices, such as optical discs, hard disk drives, and semiconductor or flash memory devices, are being replaced with new types of memory devices. Due to the development of cost-effective, simpler, and more energy-efficient microelectronic fabrication processes, efforts are ongoing to fabricate electronic devices using printing techniques on various types of substrates, especially flexible substrates. To improve upon current approaches, researchers at KAUST have developed an all-printing method for printed paper-based memory devices. The method utilizes resistive random access memory (RRAM), which is an emerging type of nonvolatile memory ideal for paper-related applications due to its structural simplicity (only one insulator and two electrodes are required per bit).

Tagsmemory device, renewable, Foldable, low cost, disposable, electronic, memory, energy-efficient, applications, electrical, information, communications
Posted DateJul 4, 2017 9:19 AM