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Project TitleDefect-free Single Crystal Gallium Nitride Nanolayer
Track Code2013-009
Short Description

Researchers at KAUST have developed a novel method for forming a defect-free, single crystal gallium nitride (GaN) nanolayer that can be exfoliated and transferred to semiconductor and non-semiconductor substrates for subsequent epitaxy growth of high-quality GaN and its related materials. This high-quality nanolayer is produced using an ultraviolet assisted electrochemical etching technique in a hydrofluoric acid-based electrolyte solution. The dislocation-free GaN layer can be transferred onto a variety of substrates, both hard and flexible, and the layer can act as a seed layer for subsequent epitaxial overgrowth of high-quality GaN. The method has the potential to deliver high-quality GaN-based materials for highly efficient, low-cost optoelectronic and high-power electronic devices.


Recent successes in the development and optimization of GaN-based materials has led to the ability to produce high-brightness, visible light-emitting diodes, laser diodes, high-density optical storage, and high-powered electronics. However, current methods of producing GaN-based materials are prone to large threading defect densities. There is a market need for the ability of epitaxial films of GaN with low threading defect densities to be grown on various substrates of differing lattice constants and thermal coefficients via a high-throughput, cost-effective and energy-efficient process.

Tagsgan, material, led, laser diodes, electrical, electronic, enery-efficient
Posted DateJun 17, 2017 5:21 AM