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Project TitleBroadband Fractal SoP Antenna Integrates Multiple Functions Into Single Low-Cost Module
Track Code2010-017
Short Description

A high-performance system-on-package (SoP) antenna increases transmission power and range, reduces system size and cost, and enables designers to customize specifications for high frequency broadband tasks. This novel design integrates an aperture-coupled fractal antenna array with a focusing lens in the low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) medium to enhance overall gain and communication range without increasing power consumption. Developed for Universal Medium Range Radar (UMRR) applications — which measure range, speed, and angle of multiple objects simultaneously — the technology supports automotive driver assistance systems as well as wireless devices including cell phones, laptop computers, and robotic devices.


The KAUST innovation integrates a novel antenna design, unique materials, and 3-dimensional packaging to produce a compact, high performance antenna system. Incorporating an aperture-coupled fractal antenna array with a focusing lens in the LTCC medium enables designers to customize gain, range, focus, and power specifications for specific tasks without sacrificing accuracy or overburdening power sources. Additionally, a new combination of a low and a high dielectric constant LTCC substrate and superstrate further increases module gain. The large bandwidth of the fractal antenna enables high data rate applications.

Tagspower, SoP Antenna, UMRR, technology, electrical, electronics, information, communications
Posted DateJun 14, 2017 4:55 AM