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Project TitleSmart Membrane-Based System for Cheaper and Sustainable Water Desalination
Track Code2015-065, 2016-012
Short Description

Among conventional and innovative water desalination technologies, membrane distillation (MD) has great potential for providing both a sustainable and high-quality water supply.MD is a thermally-driven membrane-separation process. With this process, only water vapor passes through the microporous hydrophobic membranes. Current membrane distillation technologies are prone to membrane fouling and scaling. This can reduce production rate, cause a system shutdown for cleaning and may increase operational costs.


Monitoring a process such as water desalination often requires taking physical measurements and understanding the overall state of the system. However, the main challenge for membrane-based desalination processes is the limited access to data.  If additional temperature measurements from the membrane surface could be obtained, they would  provide crucial information on the condition of the membrane.

Tagswater, desalination tecnologies, electrical, electronics
Posted DateJun 13, 2017 3:12 AM